Configure Services and Adapters

You may need to reconfigure services and adapters after an upgrade. During an upgrade, packages for services and adapters are reprocessed to update the service configurations.

After an upgrade, the configurations of default adapters and services are re-set to their default configurations. This includes directory paths, which are restored to their default paths. You must reconfigure those adapters and services, which include, but are not limited to:
  • All default FTP adapters
  • All default SFTP adapters
    Important: After you upgrade Sterling B2B Integrator v6.1.0.4 to any higher version, delete the attributes default-dependency-check and dependency-check from the SftpServerUserExits.xml file so that the SFTP adapters are enabled properly.
  • Connect:Enterprise UNIX Server Adapter
  • OdetteFTP Adapter
  • SAP Suite Adapter
  • SWIFTNet Client Service
  • SWIFTNet Server Adapter

If you modified the standard configuration for a service or adapter, you may need to reconfigure or reactivate the service or adapter following an upgrade. You may also need to reconfigure adapters that used directories or scripts in the installation directory of your previous release.

Examples of services and adapters that commonly need to be reconfigured following an upgrade include:
  • FTP adapter
  • System services such as the Alert service and the BP Fault Log adapter
The following adapters need special consideration following an upgrade:
  • JDBC Adapter and Lightweight JDBC Adapter
  • File System Adapter and Command Line2 Adapters
  • Odette FTP Adapter