Global Document Tracking

You can configure global (system-level) document tracking in the file, which is located in the install_dir/properties directory of your installation.

This is a global system tracking setting that defines defaults for all services and adapters, and is used to enable the tracking for adapters and other parts of Sterling B2B Integrator that do not have a relationship with business processes.

The file contains two main configuration options:

  • Global Tracking
  • Tracking Discovery Level

Global Tracking

The property enables global tracking for all adapters and services. The default is TRUE (enabled), but you can configure it to FALSE to disable the default global tracking behavior.

Note: Regardless of whether you set the property to true (enabled) or false (disabled), it is overridden by any tracking parameters specified at the business process level and by the Document Tracking service.

To disable global document tracking, change the install_dir/properties/ property as follows:

Discovery Level Tracking

The tracking.discovery property specifies the default information discovery level for document tracking in Sterling B2B Integrator. This property is overridden by the Document Tracking service.

By default, the tracking.discovery property is set to NONE because the discovery process can have a serious adverse impact on system performance.
The tracking discovery values are:
  • NONE - No discovery
  • OPTIONAL - Enable tracking discovery only when the first tracking record is initialized
  • MANDATORY - Enable tracking discovery for every tracking step or on every update to the tracking record

To change the global tracking discovery level, change the install_dir/properties/tracking.discovery property as follows: