Current Documents Page

The Current Documents page displays the most recently processed documents without having to perform any type of a search.

The Current Documents page gives you the ability to monitor current document processing at a glance from one page. Document status lights (green or red) indicate if there is a problem with a specific document or an entire batch of documents.

Note: The ability to search for specific documents, or for documents processed more than one week previously, is still available from the Admin menu, select Business Processes > Monitor > Advanced Search > Documents.

To access the Current Documents page, from the Admininistration Menu select Business Processes > Monitor > Current Documents.

The following information and functions are available on the Current Documents page:
  • Up to a week of processed documents display. To view documents older than one week, use the Advanced Search > Documents feature.
  • Documents are generally listed in the order received, with the most current documents at the top.
  • Select Automatically refresh every minute to get current information. Deselect this option to disable the automatic refresh.
  • Last update date and time displays when the page was last refreshed.
  • You can monitor document processing to ensure documents are processing successfully, and take corrective action if necessary.
  • If a problem document is noted, you can view document details with one click to see what happened.
  • By default, the page is automatically refreshed every minute for the most current information.
  • You can change the number of documents displayed per page, change the name of the document displayed to something more meaningful—for example, document type—and enable detailed document tracking.