Business Process Document Tracking

By default, all business processes have the tracking option disabled. However, when you create, check in, or edit a business process you can enable tracking for that process.

Sterling B2B Integrator provides you with an optional method of overriding the default global system setting. The default global system setting is used for adapters and processes that do not use business processes.

Even if the global system tracking option is configured to enable tracking, by default your business processes will not track their associated documents because the global system tracking option does not control any business process configurations.

Once you have enabled document tracking for a business process, tracking information is carried with the document (in the tracking record, which functions like a document attachment) from that point forward, and the tracking information is persisted about the document regardless of the persistence level you configured.

You can configure the persistence level for each business process using the Business Process Editor, which enables you to define how much data is persisted (or stored) in the database or file system for this business process (including associated documents, activities, and all process data). The persistence level determines the level of detail written to the database as a business process runs. The default value is BP Step Status- Engine. You may need to change the persistence level to a lower level to enhance performance.

Once you have enabled tracking in a business process, for monitoring and tracking purposes you can:
  • Track processing history
  • View transaction details
  • Obtain processing state information

Document tracking is turned off (disabled) by default for the predefined EDI business processes. The default EDI performance settings (which are set by using a TRACKING_LEVEL parameter in the file) can be overridden for certain EDI-related services by using a TRACKING_LEVEL parameter. This allows you to obtain maximum EDI performance in some business processes and maximum search and tracking functionality in others.

If you define an EDI business process and turn Document Tracking on, that overrides the TRACKING_LEVEL settings in both the properties file and the EDI service parameter.