Checking In a New Version of a Business Process Model in the GPM

Use this procedure to check in an updated version of a previously checked in business process in the Graphical Process Modeler. This process assumes that you have checked out a business process model and modified and validated it.

About this task

To check in an updated version of a previously checked-in business process in the GPM:


  1. In the GPM, select Tools > Source Manager.
  2. In Source Manager, select the business process model name from the left pane (not the version) to check in, and select Process > Check In.

    If the Check In option is not active, one of the following is true:

    • No version of the selected process model is currently checked out.
    • You have not refreshed the Source Manager with the most current list of process models (that is, since you checked out a new version). To do this, select View > Refresh.
  3. Complete the following required fields:

    For the following fields, your display may differ, depending on whether you specified Expert Mode for the Source Manager through the GPM. If you did not specify Expert Mode, click Next to display the following fields.

  4. Indicate deadline settings for the business process to run. See Deadline SettingsDeadline Settings.
  5. Indicate whether you want this version to be the default version that Sterling B2B Integrator runs. If you want a different version to be the default version, select Let me select a different version, select the version you want from the display, and click Next.
  6. Indicate archiving information for the data you are retaining. See Business Process Life SpanBusiness Process Life Span.
  7. Select validation options:
    • Select Validate Process to validate the process model now. You cannot check in if you do not validate.
    • Select Enable Process to enable the business process to run in Sterling B2B Integrator. If Validate Process is not selected, you cannot enable the business process model.

      If you do not enable the business process, you cannot run it in Sterling B2B Integrator without first enabling it later. For instructions to enable it independently of the check-in procedure, see Enabling a Disabled Business ProcessEnabling a Disabled Business Process.

    • Indicate whether you want to release the lock on this process model so that it can be run in Sterling B2B Integrator or modified by other users.
  8. Specify whether you want to track the progress of the document when the business process runs. See Business Process LevelsBusiness Process Levels.
  9. Specify whether you want the business process to run its onFault protection should the business process encounter an error when it is running.
  10. Click Finish.


You can now run your business process in Sterling B2B Integrator. Test the business process before running it in your production environment. For information, see Testing a Business Process Model in Sterling B2B IntegratorTesting a Business Process Model in Sterling B2B integrator.