Converting multiple Sterling File Gateway partners to use Global Mailbox

To use the features and advantages of Global Mailbox, you can convert Sterling File Gateway partners to use Global Mailbox.

About this task

When you convert a partner to use Global Mailbox, the partner users, mailboxes, virtual roots, and permissions are marked for the Global Mailbox realm. If routing channels are configured for the producer who is converted to use Global Mailbox, then event rules corresponding to the routing channels are created in the Global Mailbox realm. The conversion is irreversible. You can convert multiple partners at one time.


To convert a partner to use Global Mailbox, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to Sterling B2B Integrator dashboard.
  2. From the Administration Menu, select Deployment > Resource Manager > Import/Export.
  3. Next to Export Resources, click Go
  4. Select XML Document as the output file type and click Next.
  5. Select No to indicate that you do not want to export resources associated with a tag and click Next.
  6. Select the type of export, Standard or Advanced.
  7. Select File Gateway Configurations as the resource type to be exported. Do not select any other resource types.
    Click Next.
  8. Select the Partners File Gateway configuration. Do not select any other configurations.
    Click Next.
  9. Select the File Gateway partners to list:
    1. Select the partner names by moving them from the Available list to the To be Exported list.
    2. (Advanced import only) If shown, select Export All Versions to export all the versions. If you do not select Export All Versions, only the default version will be exported.
    3. Click Next.
  10. If you are prompted for the system passphrase, enter and confirm your passphrase and click Next.
  11. Review the information for the resources to be exported.
  12. Click Finish to confirm the information and create the export file.
  13. If you want to review the export report, click View Export Report.
  14. Click Download Export data (.xml) to download the export file.
  15. Save the file to a hard drive or disk. Remember the location where the file is saved.
  16. Return to the Sterling B2B Integrator dashboard.
  17. Select Business Processes > Manager.
  18. Search for TradMbxToGlobalMbxMigration.
    Three business processes are displayed:
    This is the main business process that is used by the other two business processes.
    Important: Do not run this business process directly.
    Converts the partners in the export list from traditional mailboxes to global mailboxes and copies existing messages to the global mailbox.
    Note: When you use the TradMbxToGlobalMbxMigrationWithCopy option to convert partners from traditional mailbox to distributed mailbox (Global Mailbox), the time stamp of a message is converted from the arrival time to the time that the message is converted.
    Converts the partners in the export list from traditional mailboxes to global mailboxes, but does not copy existing messages to the global mailbox.
    Remember: The copy option applies to all partners in the export file. If some partners require existing messages to be copied and other partners do not, perform two separate conversions using the appropriate export file and business process for each conversion.
  19. Next to the appropriate business process, click Execution Manager.
  20. Click Execute to run the business process.
  21. Click Browse and navigate to the export file containing the partner list (named Export.xml by default). Select the file and click Open.
  22. Click Go
    The business process runs. The following message is displayed:
    Status: Success

    A conversion report is created in Process Data.


Here is an example of a conversion report from Process Data.
            <CopyMessageWFID BPID="32722"/>
# MigrateProd2_NameErr did not exist, so it was an error.
# MigrateCons3_Name converted successfully.
# TotalAttemptedConversion = 2 partners
# TotalFailedConversion = 1 partner

What to do next

To verify that the partner is successfully converted, log in to the Global Mailbox management tool. The Convert button in the Sterling File Gateway user interface is disabled for partners who are converted to use Global Mailbox.