BPaaS Configuration Properties

BPaaS Mapping Configuration File Properties

The property file bpaasmapping.properties is used to configure the API.
Note: Liberty server must be restarted when the bpaasmapping.properties file is modified. Sterling B2B Integrator does not require a restart.
Property Description
paymentprocessing.mapping Required. Version is optional. The API name mapped to the BP. If not specified, the default version is used.
paymentprocessing.disablehttpmethods Optional. You can disable specific HTTP method(s) by configuring this property. If not specified, all actions are supported.
paymentprocessing.skiprequestheaders Optional. List of request headers to be skipped from being copied to BP instance data. If not specified, the default value from bpaas.properties is used.
paymentprocessing.bpexecutiontimeout Optional. The timeout for BP execution (in milliseconds). If not specified, the default value from bpaas.properties is used.
The following is an example configuration file:
customprocessing.mapping=MyBP   #default version will be used for execution if version is not specified




BPaaS Configuration File Properties

The property file bpaas.properties.in contains the out of box configuration for the following properties:
Note: Modifying the below property values requires Sterling B2B Integrator to be restarted.
Property Default value Description
grpcserverenabled true Enable gRPC server start-up in ASI.
skiprequestheaders Authorization List of request headers that will be blacklisted and will not be passed when the BP is run.
bpexecutiontimeout 30000 The BP execution timeout configuration (in milliseconds).
workerthreads 30 The maximum number of BPs allowed to run at a given time.
grpcinbuffersize 32768 Buffer size for streaming in the input stream/request (in bytes).
grpcoutbuffersize 32768 Buffer size for streaming out the output stream/response (in bytes).
log4j2file &PROP_DIR;/log4j2-bpaas.xml The location of log4j2 configuration file for BPaaS logging purposes.
grpccallbackthreadcount 40 The maximum number of gRPC server callback threads.
defaultDocumentStorageType DB The storage type for document objects constructed for input request body.
Valid values are:
  • FS: Stores the document data on the file system.
  • DB (default): Stores the document data in the database.
  • OS (Certified Container only): Stores the document data in the Object store using Document Service.
Note: FS is recommended for file sizes larger than 10 MB.
sslsystemcert rmissl The server certificate name used by the gRPC server for TLS configuration.
CAcert rmissl The CA certificate name for client side validation.

In case of self-signed, it is the self-signed certificate name.