You can add several customizations to Sterling B2B Integrator.

Sterling B2B Integrator comes with a list of options to customize using the user interface.

You can customize the following:
  • Date and time formats to use international formats
  • Appearance of the Sterling B2B Integrator user interface
  • PropertyFile, CustomJar, CustomService, UserExit, UIBranding, and CustomSFGExtensions
  • You must have the APIUser permission to access the customization UI.
    Perform the following steps to add the APIUser permission:
    1. Go to Accounts > User Accounts and enter the account or user for which you need the API permission in Search and click OK.
    2. Click Next > Next > Next.
    3. Under Select Permissions, click API User from Available and move it under Assigned.
    4. Click Next and Save.

    This provides the APIUser permission for the account or user to access the customization UI.

  • You must log in to the Customization UI even if you are signed in to the Sterling B2B Integrator application.