Checking repair status

You can check the repair status in two ways: through the Reaper UI or by using the spreaper command.

Before you begin

  • Cassandra cluster is started.
  • Cassandra Reaper is started on all seed nodes.


To check the repair status, complete the following steps:

  1. To check the repair status frequently from the Reaper UI, complete the following steps:
    1. Access the following URL: http://<IP>:<Reaper port>/webui/index.html.
    2. Provide the IP address of the local Cassandra server and the Reaper port number in the URL.
  2. To check the repair status by using the spreaper command, complete the following steps:
    1. Ensure that Python 2.7 or later is installed to run the spreaper command.
    2. Run the following commands to install the argparse and requests packages:
      yum install python-argparse
      yum install python-requests
    3. From the InstallDir/apache-cassandra/reaper/bin directory, run the following command: ./spreaper status-cluster 'mailboxcluster' --reaper-host <host name> --reaper-port <port>.
    4. Use the following commands with spreaper:
      Table 1. Commands to check repair status
      Command Description
      list-clusters List all registered Cassandra clusters.
      list-runs List registered repair runs.
      list-schedules List registered repair schedules.
      status-cluster Show status of a Cassandra cluster, and any existing repair runs for the cluster.
      status-repair Show status of a repair run.