SFTP Client CHMOD Service

The following table provides an overview of the SFTP Client CHMOD service:

Category Description
System name SFTPClientChmod
Graphical Process Modeler (GPM) category All Services, B2B Protocols > SFTP Client
Description This service changes the file permissions on your trading partner's SFTP Server.
Business usage Use this service to modify the file permissions placed on your trading partner's SFTP server from the Sterling B2B Integrator SFTP Client.
Usage example A business process is executed to modify the file permissions on a trading partner's SFTP server. Sterling B2B Integrator uses the SFTP Client CHMOD service, working through the SFTP Client adapter, to modify the permissions on the files placed on your trading partner's SFTP server.
Preconfigured? Yes. Uses the preconfigured service in a business process.
Requires third party files? No
Platform availability All Sterling B2B Integrator supported platforms
Related services The following services are related. Configured in a business process, they initiate the SFTP Client adapter to perform their operations:
  • SFTP Client Begin Session service
  • SFTP Client CD service
  • SFTP Client DELETE service
  • SFTP Client End Session service
  • SFTP Client GET service
  • SFTP Client LIST service
  • SFTP Client MOVE service
  • SFTP Client PUT service
  • SFTP Client PWD service
Application requirements An SFTP Server at the external trading partner location.
Initiates business processes? No
Invocation This service is invoked from a business process.
Business process context considerations None
Returned status values
Returned status values:
  • 0 – Success
  • 1 – Error
Restrictions None
Persistence level System Default
Testing considerations None

Parameters Passed from the Business Process to the Service

Parameter Description Required/Optional
FileName The name of the remote file on the server. Required
Permissions The permissions that you want the file to change to. Required
Session Token Returned Session token from the Begin Sessions service. Required
Response Timeout Maximum number of seconds it can take for the trading partner system to respond before the session times out and terminates. Optional

Parameters Passed from the Service to the Business Process

Parameter Description
ServerResponse The SFTP server response, which may include a reply code and any text associated with the reply code. Required.
Valid values are:
  • 0 - OK
  • 2 - No Such File
  • 3 - Permission Denied
  • 4 - General Failure
  • 5 - Bad Message
  • 6 - No Connection
  • 7 - Connection Lost
  • 8 - Operation Unsupported

Business Process Example

The following is an example of a business process using the SFTP Client CHMOD service:

<operation name="SFTP Client CHMOD Service">
     <participant name="SFTPClientChmod"/>
     <output message="ChmodRequest">
          <assign to="FileName">Test_4999.txt</assign>
          <assign to="Permissions">777</assign>
          <assign to="SessionToken" 
          <assign to="." from="*"/><assign/>
     <input message="inmsg">
          <assign to="." from="*"></assign>