SAP TID Cleaner Service

The following table provides an overview of the SapTidCleaner service:

Table 1. Overview of SAPTidCleaner Service
Parameter Description
System name SapTidCleaner Service
Graphical Process Modeler (GPM) category None
Description The SapTidCleaner Service is a supplementary service for the SAP Suite Adapter for JCo 3.x. This service is automatically invoked by a scheduled business process, Schedule_SAPTidCleaner.
Note: Ensure that both the predefined service instances, Schedule_SAPTidCleaner and SapTidCleanerInstance, are enabled.
Business usage Use this service to delete entries that are older than a specified number of days from the SAP_TID database table. The default value is 30 days. Use this service to control the number of entries created by the SAP Suite Adapter for JCo 3.x instances in the SAP_TID table.
Usage example The scheduled business process, Schedule_SAPTidCleaner, is periodically invoked even if you have not set the 'DeleteTIDAfterDays' parameter in the business process. The scheduled business process invokes the 'SapTidCleanerInstance' service instance.
Preconfigured? Yes.
  • SapTidCleanerInstance - Service instance
  • Schedule_SAPTidCleaner - scheduled business process
Requires third party files? No
Platform availability All supported Sterling B2B Integrator platforms
Related services SAP Suite Adapter for JCo 3.x.
Application requirements None
Initiates business processes? No
Invocation The Schedule_SAPTidCleaner business process invokes the predefined service instance, SapTidCleanerInstance, to delete old entries from SAP_TID database table.
Business process context considerations Reads parameter “DeleteTIDAfterDays”. If this parameter is not set, the default value (30 days) is used.
Returned status values
  • Success
  • Error
  • ADV_DELETE_TID_ERROR - An error occurred when removing old TID entries from SAP TID table.

If you are using the SAP Suite adapter (for JCo 2.x) in parallel with the SAP Suite adapter for JCo 3.x, you must disable the deletion of TID entries in all instances of the SAP Suite adapter (for JCo 2.x). In the adapter configuration, clear the Delete TIDs automatically check box and save the changes to the configuration settings.

Run the SAPTidCleaner service periodically to delete entries older than the specified number of days from the SAP_TID table.

Persistence level N/A
Testing considerations Enable the parameter in the Debug Log level to view the sap.log files.