Mailbox List Service

The Mailbox Browser Interface (MBI) uses the Mailbox List service to display all mailboxes a user has permission to use. Traditional or Global Mailbox mailboxes are listed, depending on the setting for UseGlobalMailboxes in the calling business process.

The following table provides an overview of the Mailbox List service:

Category Description
System name Mailbox List Service
Graphical Process Modeler (GPM) category None
Description Lists all mailbox paths that the user has permission to use. For traditional mailboxes, if a virtual root is configured for the user, the mailbox paths are returned as relative paths. For distributed mailboxes, the virtual root must be configured for the user.
Business usage This is a system service.
Usage example The Mailbox Browser Interface uses this service to display the mailbox path of a calling user.
Preconfigured? Yes
Requires third party files? No
Platform availability All supported application platforms
Related services The Mailbox List service works with the other Sterling B2B Integrator Mailbox services to provide mailboxing capability:
  • Mailbox Add service – Enables the insertion of messages into a mailbox.
  • Mailbox Extract Begin service – Enables the extraction of messages from a mailbox.
  • Mailbox Extract Commit service – Provides the ability for a business process to signal Sterling B2B Integrator Mailbox that the message extract request has successfully completed.
  • Mailbox Extract Abort service – Enables a business process to signal a failed message extraction to Sterling B2B Integrator Mailbox.
  • Mailbox Query service – Enables querying messages.
  • Mailbox Delete service – Enables deletion of messages.
  • Mailbox Evaluate All Automatic Rules service – Provides for the scheduling of automatic routing rules for Sterling B2B Integrator Mailbox.
  • Mailbox Evaluate Routing Rule service – Enables triggering of mailbox routing rules from a business process.
Application requirements Nothing external to Sterling B2B Integrator is required to use this service.
Initiates business processes? No
Invocation Not applicable (Internal service)
Business process context considerations No
Returned status values The possible status values a service can return are:
  • Success – Normal completion.
  • Error – A generic error occurred.
Restrictions This is a system service and is not intended for use in business processes.
Testing considerations Troubleshooting information for this service can be found in Sterling B2B Integrator Mailbox log files.