Import Trading Partner using Basic Import Utility Process

The Basic Import Utility process imports converted XML files into Sterling B2B Integrator.

About this task

The Basic Import Utility uses the following process flow:


  1. Place a CSV file in the install_dir/tp_import/basic_customer_import_collect directory.
  2. The BasicCustomerImport_FSA file system adapter scans this directory and picks up the CSV file on a scheduled basis.
  3. The BasicCustomerImport_FSA file system adapter initiates the predefined business process (BasicCustomerImport.bp).
  4. The Basic Customer Import business process runs the import translation map (BasicCustomerImport.txo) and initiates the Import service.
  5. The Import service imports the converted XML file into Sterling B2B Integrator.


If exceptions occur when running the Basic Import Utility, Sterling B2B Integrator includes this information in the basic import report (BasicImportReport.rpt, in XML format), located in the install_dir/tp_import directory, which is generated after the Basic Import utility is run.