Using the EBICS Log Files

The log files available in the/<install_dir>/logs directory are the EBICS.log, EBICS Client.log. EBICS Message.log, and EBICS Server.log.

The following table lists the log files that are available in the /<install_dir>/logs directory:




Contains log messages for EBICS components other than EBICS services, such as the Subscription Manager and Import and Export services. Use this log when you encounter an error related to the operations of the EBICS components.

EBICS Client.log

Contains log messages generated by the EBICS test client. Use this log when the EBICS test client encounters an error.

EBICS Message.log

Use this log to view detailed messages about the initialization and transfer phases in an EBICS message, and detailed information about the incoming EBICS request message.

EBICS Server.log

Contains log messages for all EBICS Server services operations. Use this log when the EBICS Server service encounters an error.