Upgrading 5263_16 to 6121 (only applicable to Version 6121)

Complete the following steps to upgrade from 5263_16 to 6121:
Note: For version 6121, use the JDK - JDK8 SR7 FP15.
  • Stop the Sterling B2B Integrator.
  • Run upgradeJDK.sh/cmd from the <B2Bi Install Dir>/bin folder, passing the path to JDK8SR6FP20 followed by the path to the unrestrictedpolicyfiles.zip JCE file.
  • Make sure that the <B2Bi Install Dir>/jdk/java -version returns JDK8 SR6 FP20.
  • Proceed with the upgrade to 6121. During the upgrade to version 6121, provide the JDK path in the IIM GUI or in the response file pointing to the JDK8 SR7 FP15 location.