Planning for upgrading

You can upgrade Sterling B2B Integrator on your existing systems or on new systems. Upgrading involves certain prerequisites that must be completed before you can upgrade.

You must prepare for an upgrade in the same way that you prepare for an installation. It is also recommended that you thoroughly test this process in a test or development environment before you implement in a production environment.

The system requirements differ based on the mode of installation. The requirements for a docker installation are different from the requirements for an installation by using the IBM Installation Manager.

Important: The system requirements for a Docker installation are different from those required for an IIM installation.

Upgrade considerations

Before you start upgrading, go through the considerations for upgrading from your particular release. If you are planning on using Docker for upgrading, you must also go through the limitations and determine if upgrading by using Docker is compatible with your current setup.

For more information, see Upgrade Considerations.

Adding or removing features when upgrading

Features that are not part of your current Sterling B2B Integrator installation are disabled and you cannot select them when upgrading or applying a fix pack. Similarly, you cannot deselect features that are already part of your setup when you upgrade.

To include features or exclude features from your Sterling B2B Integrator setup, you must first upgrade to the current version, and then enable or disable them separately. For more information, see License Modifications.

If the fix pack or upgrade includes updates to features that are part of your current Sterling B2B Integrator installation, the features are upgraded regardless of whether you select them or not.

Before upgrading to the latest product version, contact your sales representative to verify that it includes all of your current functionality. Depending on the timing, even though it's in a higher version that the one you have installed, a particular mod release or fix pack might not include all the functionality in your current version or fix pack.