Deploy an External JSP Web Application on Sterling B2B Integrator

After you create the JSP Web application WAR file outside of Sterling B2B Integrator, you can deploy it to your server that your application server is installed on, so you can use the Web templates that you deployed.

About this task

To deploy an external JSP Web application on Sterling B2B Integrator:


  1. Navigate to /install_dir/install/noapp/deploy.
  2. Copy the WAR file.
  3. Stop Sterling B2B Integrator.
  4. Start Sterling B2B Integrator.


The WAR file is deployed in Sterling B2B Integrator, and you can access the Web template by typing http://localhost:port/webappname.

If you make changes to the Web application outside of Sterling B2B Integrator, you must repackage the Web application as a WAR file and redeploy the Web application in Sterling B2B Integrator. You can use the jar utility provided with your JDK to recompile the WAR file.