HVZ order type

Using the HVZ order type, the user can download VEU/EDS overview with additional information.




HVZ is a download order type for distributed signature. Use the HVZ order type to download VEU/EDS overview with additional information. In the HVZ request, the subscriber optionally submits a list of order types for which the subscriber is authorized as a signatory. HVZ response order data contains the complete information of HVU response order data and HVD response order data, except the display file element.
Note: From EBIS 3.0 and later versions, VEU is referred to as EDS.


Table 1. HVZ parameters
Parameter Description and value
PartnerID The partner ID associated with the user ID.
HostID The bank ID or the host ID of the bank to which the EBICS Client user submitted the order. It is a unique ID for the bank in the bank's system.
HostUrlAlias When configuring a bank profile, you can specify multiple host URLs and set one host URL as the default. If you want to send a request to a host URL that is not the default URL, then, specify a value for this parameter.
OrderType The order type of the order you are submitting. In this case, HVZ is the order type.
orderIdPrefix EBICS Client allocates a unique order ID to each order based on the bank, user ID, and the order type. The client generates the order ID as per EBICS specifications. The order ID is a 4-digit alphanumeric ID. You can specify the first character of the order ID. The second, third, and fourth characters of the order ID are alphanumeric in an ascending order (A-Z or 0-9).

This parameter is used with EBICS protocol version H003 only.

Product The product for the EBICS Client application.
productLang The language setting of the EBICS Client application that you are using. For example, specify EN if the language is set to English.
SecurityMedium A 4-digit security number in the 0000 to 0499 range.
UserID Unique ID of the user in the bank's system, which corresponds to the user created in the EBICS Client dashboard.
VEUOrderTypes The order types in the form of an XML list for which HVZ data is to be retrieved.

XML schema

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<orderMetaData xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" 
	<Product>IBM EBICS Client</Product>
	<VEUOrderTypes>C2X TST-Upload</VEUOrderTypes>