HVD order type

Using the HVD order type, the user can retrieve the state of a VEU/EDS order.




HVD is a download order type for distributed signature. Use the HVD order type to retrieve the state of an order that is currently in VEU/EDS processing and for which the subscriber is authorized as a signatory. With HVD, the hash value of the order is retrieved.
Note: From EBICS v3.0 and later versions, VEU is referred to as EDS.


Table 1. HVD parameters
Parameter Description and value
OrderType The order type of the order you are submitting. In this case, HVD is the order type.
SecurityMedium A 4-digit security number in the 0000 to 0499 range.
VEUOrderSeqID The sequence ID of the transaction for which you are retrieving the HVD details. EBICS Client assigns a sequence ID to a transaction.
orderIdPrefix EBICS Client allocates a unique order ID to each order based on the bank, user ID, and the order type. The client generates the order ID as per EBICS specifications. The order ID is a 4-digit alphanumeric ID. You can specify the first character of the order ID. The second, third, and fourth characters of the order ID are alphanumeric in an ascending order (A-Z or 0-9).

This parameter is used with EBICS protocol version H003 only.

XML schema

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