FUL order type

FUL is a standard order type for submitting the files to the bank. Using this order type ensures a transparent transfer of files of any format.




A user initiates a upload transaction with the bank by submitting a upload (FUL) order request. FUL order type is a bank-technical upload order type.

Note: This order type is not applicable for EBICS v3.0.
Attention: If you upload a large payload (e.g. 200 MB) data to the EBICS Server using the FUL order type, the Initialize new HTTP session for each request parameter in the EBICS Client system properties should be set to true. To modify system properties, see Updating System Property Values.


Table 1. FUL parameters
Parameter Description and value
HostID The bank ID or the host ID of the bank to which the EBICS Client user submitted the order. It is a unique ID for the bank in the bank's system.
HostUrlAlias When configuring a bank profile, you can specify multiple host URLs and set one host URL as the default. If you want to send a request to a host URL that is not the default URL, then, specify a value for this parameter.
PartnerID The partner ID associated with the user ID.
UserID Unique ID of the user in the bank's system, which corresponds to the user created in the EBICS Client dashboard.
SystemID User ID of the technical user. A technical user is a delegate of the non-technical or human user.
orderIdPrefix EBICS Client allocates a unique order ID to each order based on the bank, user ID, and the order type. The client generates the order ID according to EBICS specifications. The order ID is a 4-digit alphanumeric ID. You can specify the first character of the order ID. The second, third, and fourth characters of the order ID are alphanumeric in an ascending order (A-Z or 0-9).

This parameter is used with EBICS protocol version H003 only.

SecurityMedium A 4-digit security number in the 0000 to 0499 range.
OrderType The order type of the order you are submitting. In this case, FUL is the order type.
FileFormat The file format associated with the order type. An order type can have zero or more file formats. The file formats for FUL and FDL order types are based on the SWIFTNet request type.
autoSubmit This parameter is applicable only for FUL order type. If this parameter is set to true, then an order is automatically submitted after the required number of signatures are obtained. If this parameter is set to false, then an EBICS Client user has to log in to the EBICS Client dashboard interface, navigate to the pending tasks screen, and submit the order after the required number of signatures are obtained.

XML schema

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<orderMetaData xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" 

Parameter List

The EBICS - Implementation Guide in France recommends that a test of the file transfer is necessary before transferring the actual files to the bank. Therefore, the customer workstation must have a set-up that allows transfer of files in a test as well as a production environment. To distinguish the test files from the production files, the parameter name TEST is included in the OrderParams tag for FUL and FDL order types. The OrderParams tag can be set in the orderMetaData XML. Similarly, the bank and the EBICS client can share a list of parameters and corresponding values based on a mutual understanding of the parameters defined in the contractual agreement.

The following example illustrates a scenario wherein test files are transferred and therefore the value of TEST is set to TRUE: