Using Properties Files to Dynamically Gather Business Process Information

Rather than hard coding variables directly within the business process model, one way you can save time gathering processing information is to use properties files to dynamically gather information.

This can help with tracking down issues, and ultimately help Customer Support to recreate any problems more easily.

For example:

  1. Create a properties file named "" in your install_dir/properties directory.
  2. Place a string "Testing=JOEUSERTEST" (without the quotes) within the file and save it.
  3. Create a business process to pull that value in:
    <process name="joeuser_property">
        <assign to="VAR1" from="sci-get-property('joeuser', 'Testing')"></assign>

The result, in process data is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

You can use this technique for multiple variables. In this way, instead of hard-coding information that may eventually change within the process model, you can use the sci-get-property function to assign information from the properties files. This gives you the ability to centralize and only change one value (in the properties file) rather then throughout all your process models.