Interpreting warnings from the export report

When you create an export file to prepare for importing into Global Mailbox, the information can be validated. Warnings are issued for possible problems. You can take action to correct these problems before proceeding with the migration.

About this task

The exportUtility script validates data elements within the import file. For more information, see exportUtility script.


  1. View the export report, --reportFileName or export.rpt.
    The following error conditions are in the export report:
    • The selection file lists a resource (mailbox, event rule, virtual root) that cannot be found.
    • System error during export. For example, Cassandra or Zookeeper not available.
  2. Determine what must be changed to clear the items in the log.
    Some the following changes might clear the items:
    • Change the options specified when you run the exportUtility script.
    • Change the exportSelectionFileName file to add or remove items in the list of the resource instances to be exported.
    • Determine that the listed item is what is intended, and is acceptable to retain.
  3. After you make any necessary changes, run the exportUtility script again.
  4. Continue this process until you are satisfied with the contents of the export report.

What to do next

Importing into Global Mailbox