WebSphere MQ Suite Configuration Checklist

Use the WebSphere MQ Suite Configuration checklist to gather necessary information prior to configuring the WebSphere MQ Suite components.

WebSphere MQ Suite Configuration Checklist

Information Description Your Notes

Business process to invoke

What business process should the WebSphere MQ Suite Async Receiver adapter invoke when a message is received?



What channel should be used for the Async Receiver adapter?


Document name

What document name should be associated with the data received?


Failure workflow

What business process should be invoked if retries are exhausted?


Host name

What is the host name or IP address of the WebSphere MQ server?


Metadata to include

Which metadata fields from the message should be included with the document in process data?


Message handling

What type of message handling should be used?


Queue manager

What queue manager should be used?


Queue name

What previously opened queue should be used to PUT messages?



What is the password, if required for access to the WebSphere MQ server?


Listening port

What is the listening port of the WebSphere MQ server?


Get type

What type of Get should be performed?
  • GETONE (default)

User identifier

What is the user identifier, if required, to access WebSphere MQ server?


Run as User

What is the Sterling B2B Integrator user account to use for the invoked business process?