Subprocess Example

You can see an example of a subprocess in Step 2 of the Customer Order Processing scenario consisting of orders translating into a format the order processing system uses to the order processing application sending shipping information to the order fulfillment department.

Step 2 in the example Customer Order Processing scenario (see Identifying Activities in a Business ProcessIdentifying Activities in a Business Process) consists of the following related tasks that together comprise a likely subprocess:

  • Orders are translated into a format the order processing system uses.
  • Order documents are sent to the order processing application.
  • Picktickets are produced and sent to warehouse.
  • Order processing application sends shipping information to order fulfillment department.

These activities comprise one unit of work, may be reused, and different adapters can call this process to initiate translation.

After you have determined which processes and subprocesses to create, proceed to Identifying Opportunities for AutomationIdentifying Opportunities for Automation. You must complete the remaining stages for each process and subprocess you will create.