JMS 1.1 SSL Configuration for WebLogic

Sterling B2B Integrator supports the thin client implementation of SSL for WebLogic. You must use the thin client jars of WebLogic for SSL communication.

For WebLogic 9.2 and WebLogic 10.1:
  • Supported modes of operation: JNDI
  • Jars Required in Dynamic Class Path: While using Weblogic 9.x version, you must keep the following jars and in the same sequence - wlclient.jar, wljmsclient.jar. If you try WebLogic SSL with full jars like weblogic.jar or wlfullclient.jar, it will fail. The implementation has been done for thin client which uses different classes and rely on the CORBA implementation by the JDK. If you want to keep the fullclient jar make sure it comes after the above mentioned jars.
  • For WebLogic 9.x, provide path to the directory containing the two jars wlclient.jar and wljmsclient.jar if you are using the Segmented Class Loader.
For WebLogic 10.1, you need to add the following jars path to the dynamic classpath or for the Segmented Class Loader:
  • wlclient.jar
  • wljmsclient.jar
  • wlfullclient.jar
The following are some of the WebLogic SSL limitations:
  • SSL can only function on SUNJSSE. IBMJSSE is not supported.
  • When using the thin client, sometimes you get CORBA exceptions in the logs. This happens when the client is connected to the server but is idle for quite sometime. You can avoid this by setting the following property in your JVM: com.sun.CORBA.transport.ORBTCPReadTimeouts. Or you can set it as an option in your run script: -Dcom.sun.CORBA.transport.ORBTCPReadTimeouts= 1000:600000:180000:2000
  • WebLogic by default caches the sessions. Once the successful handshake is done, the next wrong handshake will result to success.
  • When using WebLogic 10.x, change the JMS_EXCLUDES property in the /install_dir/properties/jms11/ from JMS_EXCLUDES=javax. to JMS_EXCLUDES=javax.jms

In addition, for NON-SSL scenarios using WebLogic 10.x , you only need to keep the wlfullclient.jar in the classpath (using custom classsloading or not using custom classloading).

Important: After upgrading to Sterling B2B Integrator version or later, the JMS WebLogic server does not support in SSL mode.