How Sterling B2B Integrator and Sterling File Gateway Work Together

Sterling File Gateway utilizes the Sterling B2B foundation, which includes Sterling B2B Integrator, Sterling Standards, and the Sterling platform, to deliver capabilities similar to those found in Sterling Advanced File Transfer and Sterling Connect:Enterprise® for UNIX, while adding new features and functionality.

Within Sterling File Gateway, Sterling B2B Integrator is known as the B2B Console, and is accessed from the Tools menu. Administrative functions such as creating and managing user accounts, permission groups, and security keys for Sterling File Gateway are handled in Sterling B2B Integrator.

Sterling File Gateway utilizes the communication adapters of Sterling B2B Integrator, which include the following:
  • FTP Server adapter
  • FTP Client adapter
  • SFTP Server adapter
  • SFTP Client adapter
  • HTTP Server adapter
  • HTTP Client adapter
  • Connect:Direct® Server adapter
  • Command Line adapter 2 (for PGP)
  • WebSphere® MQ File Transfer Edition Agent adapter
  • WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition Create Transfer Service

To install Sterling File Gateway, you must first install Sterling B2B Integrator. After you install Sterling File Gateway on an instance of Sterling B2B Integrator, when you install upgrades or new builds of Sterling B2B Integrator, Sterling File Gateway upgrades and builds are automatically installed as part of the installation script.