Configure an HTTP Server Adapter

By default, an HTTP Server adapter instance (EBICS Http Server adapter) is auto-configured for handling EBICS requests. The HTTP Server adapter instance is URI mapped to the business process.

An HTTP Server adapter instance is used to receive the incoming EBICS requests, and bootstraps a business process to start processing the EBICS transactions.

The URI, /ebicsrequest, is the default URI specified in the EBICS HTTP Server adapter. If you want to configure a new URI, ensure that you complete the following tasks while configuring a new URI in the EBICS HTTP Server adapter. For more information about configuring a URI, see HTTP Server Adapter.
Note: The newly configured URI and the HTTP Server port number must match the host URL of the bank's profile.
  1. Click add next to New URI while configuring the EBICS HTTP Server adapter in Sterling B2B Integrator.
  2. Under Launch a BP Or WAR, select Business Process
  3. From the Business Process drop-down list, select handleEBICSRequest.
  4. Set Send Raw Messages to No.