Set Up the SapTidCleaner Business Process

The Schedule_SAPTidCleaner business process allows TID entries that are older than the specified number of days to be deleted from the SAP_TID table.

You can schedule this business process from Sterling B2B Integrator to run periodically. Complete the following steps:
  1. From the Administration menu, navigate to Deployment > Schedules.
  2. In the Schedules page, enter ‘Schedule_SAPTidCleaner' in the Search by Name field and click Go.
    Alternatively, you can list service schedules based on the schedule type. Click the down arrow next to Scheduler Type, select Business Process, and click Go.
    A list of business processes is displayed.
  3. Navigate to 'Schedule_SAPTidCleaner' business process. Ensure that the Enabled check box is selected.

You can specify how often the system invokes the business process. If you do not want to use the default value of 30 for the “DeleteTIDAfterDays” parameter, you can configure the intended value as a “Name/Value” pair in the schedule. Use “DeleteTIDAfterDays” as Name, and the number of days after which old TID entries should be removed from the table as Value.

For information on configuring scheduled business processes and services, see Scheduling. For information on monitoring business processes, see Monitoring Business Process Operations.