How the B2B Send Service Works

When a business process includes the B2B Send service, the service starts the B2B Lookup service to start the appropriate communications adapter.

When a business process includes the B2B Send service:
  1. The service runs as part of the business process.
  2. This service starts the B2B Lookup service.
  3. The B2B Lookup service locates:
    • The consumption profile of the contract
    • The transport protocol of the consumption profile
    • The appropriate transport business process for the transport protocol of the profile, or the business process associated with the Send message mode in the consumption profile, if specified.
  4. The B2B Lookup service either runs the default business process if none was specified in the profile, or runs the business process specified in the consumption profile for Send message mode.
  5. The B2B Lookup service starts the appropriate communications adapter.
  6. The communications adapter sends a message to the consumption profile transport server.