Upgrading your JDK

Sterling B2B Integrator version 6.0 and later versions require JDK 8. Use the upgradeJDK script to upgrade your version of JDK.

The upgradeJDK.sh and upgradeJDK.cmd files are located in the <install_dir>/bin folder.

Run the following command:
  • Linux:
    upgradeJDK.sh <path_to_JDK8> <jce_policy_path> 
  • Windows:
     upgradeJDK.cmd <path_to_JDK8> <jce_policy_path>
Note: If you are upgrading from JDK 7 and are using the same JCE policy file for JDK 8, then you do not have to specify the <jce_policy_path>.

Upgrading your JDK (applicable only for Sterling B2B Integrator version and higher)

JDK version is upgraded to IBM JDK in Sterling B2B Integrator v6.1.2.1. This version of JDK is required to install or upgrade to v6.1.2.1. You do not need to run the command upgradeJDK.cmd/.sh before the upgrade.

When installing or upgrading to Sterling B2B Integrator v6.1.2.1, it is not required to provide the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) policy file anymore as it is already included in the JDK for this release.
  • In the IIM UI, the option to provide the JCE file is removed.
  • In the response file, if the variable JCE_DIST_FILE is linked to the JCE file, it should be removed manually.
    Note: Sample response files that are included with the v6.1.2.1 media do not show the variable JCE_DIST_FILE.
Download JDK from www.ibm.com/support/pages/ibm-sdk-java-technology-edition-version-80-websphere-liberty-using-archives.