Using Provisioning Facts with EBICS

For EBICS operations, you add a provisioning fact to the routing channel template to ensure that mailbox path structures match what was previously setup during EBICS Partner/Subscriber creation. If you do not use provisioning facts, mailboxes may not be appropriately set up to support EBICS operations. Generally, a mailbox path structure of the format /User/Partner/Inbox or /User/Partner/Outbox is needed to support EBICS transactions.

To define a mailbox path appropriate for EBICS operations:

  1. In the Routing Channel Template wizard, click on the Provisioning Facts tab, and specify the following:
    • Display Label - User ID
    • Fact name - myUserId
    • Description - Enter the User ID for the consumer mailbox.
  2. Click Save to save the provisioning fact definition.
  3. In the Routing Channel wizard, select a template of the form created in step 1.
  4. Select the producer and consumer.
  5. Save the routing channel.