About EBICS Event Codes

Each activity during the progress of a file transfer generates an event code. These codes are displayed in the activity details to enable Partners and Operators to see the progress and navigate to more details.

The event codes in following table are specific to EBICS transactions:
Event Code Name Description Subscription Setting
EB_0001 InitRequestReceived Initialization Request is received No
EB_0002 RequestValidationOK Request validation is successful No
EB_0003 NumberOfSegmentRequired Number of segment required No
EB_0004 MessageMatchingFileFormatFound Message matching with file format is found No
EB_0005 OrderExecutionOK Order execution is successful Yes
EB_0006 InitResponseOK Initialization Response is sent without error No
EB_0007 TransferRequestReceivedBegin Bank begins to receive Transfer Request No
EB_0008 TransferRequestReceived Transfer Request is received No
EB_0009 TransferResponseOK Transfer Response is sent without error No
EB_0010 AckRequestReceived Acknowledgment Request is received No
EB_0011 AckResponsePostProcessed Positive/Negative acknowledgment is received No
EB_0012 ForwardingToOrderDataProcessing Forwarding to Order Data Processing No
EB_0013 TransactionCompleted Transaction is completed successfully Yes
EB_0014 PSRGenerationOK PSR is generated successfully No
EB_0015 InitResponseInSegOK Initialization Response in segment is sent without error No
EB_0016 TransactionSegmentUnderRun The total number of segments transmitted during transaction initialization was not reached No
EB_0017 HEVRequestReceived HEV Request is received No
EB_0018 ESNumberRequired Number of personal signature is required No
EB_0050 RequestValidationFailed Request validation is unsuccessful Yes
EB_0051 OrderExecutionFailed Order execution is unsuccessful Yes
EB_0052 InitResponseWithError Initialization Response is sent with error code Yes
EB_0053 PotentialAttackDetected Potential Attack detected Yes
EB_0054 RecoveryDetected Recovery is required Yes
EB_0055 TransferResponseWithError Transfer Response is sent with error code Yes
EB_0056 AckResponseWithError Acknowledgment Response is sent with error code Yes
EB_0057 TransactionFailed Transaction is terminated with failure Yes
EB_0058 PSRGenerationFailed PSR generation is unsuccessful Yes
EB_0059 OrderTypeVerificationFailed Order Type verification is unsuccessful No
EB_0060 BasicOrderAttribVerificationFailed Basic Order Attribute verification is unsuccessful No
EB_0061 ReplayTestFailed Replay Test is unsuccessful No
EB_0062 InvalidTechSubscriber Technical Subscriber is invalid No
EB_0063 InvalidTechSubscriberStatus Technical Subscriber status is invalid No
EB_0064 SignatureAuthenticationFailed Message Signature Authentication is unsuccessful No
EB_0065 InvalidSubscriber Subscriber is invalid No
EB_0066 InvalidSubscriberStatus Subscriber status is invalid No
EB_0067 BankKeysHashVerificationFailed Bank Key's Hash value verification is unsuccessful No
EB_0068 OrderTypeAuthorisationFailed Order Type authorisation is unsuccessful No
EB_0069 BankTechPrelimVerificationFailed Bank Technical preliminary verification is unsuccessful No
EB_0070 OrderAttribVerificationFailed Order Attribute verification is unsuccessful No
EB_0071 TransactionGenerationFailed Transaction Generation is unsuccessful No
EB_0072 TransactionIDVerificationFailed Transaction ID verification is unsuccessful No
EB_0073 TxPhaseTxStepVerificationFailed Transaction Phase and Step verification is unsuccessful No
EB_0074 SegmentNumberAndSizeVerificationFailed Segment number and size verification is unsuccessful No
EB_0075 TransferResponseWithError2 Transfer Response is sent with error code No
EB_0101 UnpackOrderDataOK Unpackaging of Order Data is successful No
EB_0102 PackOrderDataOK Packaging of Order Data is successful No
EB_0103 OrderDataDocCreated Raw Order Data document is created for download request No
EB_0104 OrderDataDocPutIntoMbx Raw Order Data is put into upload mailbox No
EB_0105 ESDocUnpackedOK Raw ES document is unpacked successfully No
EB_0106 OrderParamsDocCreated Order Parameters document is created No
EB_0107 SignerInfo Signer Information No
EB_0150 UnpackOrderDataFailed Unpackaging of Order Data is unsuccessful Yes
EB_0151 PackOrderDataFailed Packaging of Order Data is unsuccessful Yes
EB_0152 DataSegmentPreprocessingFailed Data segment preprocessing is unsuccessful No
EB_0154 OrderDataDecodingFailed Order Data decoding is unsuccessful No
EB_0155 OrderDataDecryptionFailed Order Data decryption is unsuccessful No
EB_0156 OrderDataDecompressionFailed Order Data decompression is unsuccessful No
EB_0157 ESVerificationFailed ES verification is unsuccessful No
EB_0158 OrderDataSchemaValidationFailed Order Data schema validation is unsuccessful No
EB_0159 OutMbxOrderDataProvisionFailed Order data Provision is unsuccessful in outbox mailbox No
EB_0160 OrderDataCompressionFailedOrder Order Data compression is unsuccessful No
EB_0161 OrderDataEncryptionFailed Order Data encryption is unsuccessful No
EB_0162 OrderDataEncodingFailed Order Data encoding is unsuccessful No
EB_0163 ESDocUnpackedFailed ES is failed to be validated Yes
EB_0164 ArcMbxOrderDataProvisionFailed Order data Provision is unsuccessful in archive mailbox No
EB_0165 SignerInvalidPermission Signer has no permission for personal signature No
EB_0166 SigNumberNotMatch Personal Signature is either incomplete or more than expected No
EB_0167 TechUserCannotIssueES Technical Subscriber cannot issue Personal Signature No
EB_0168 UploadMbxUnavailable Upload mailbox is not available Yes
EB_0201 NewCertificateAddedOK New subscriber's certificate is added No
EB_0202 CertificateUpdated Subscriber's certificate is updated No
EB_0203 SubscriberStatusChanged Change in Subscriber status No
EB_0204 PostBPInvokedOK Post Business Process is invoked successfully No
EB_0250 PostBPInvokedFailed Post Business Process is failed to be invoked Yes
EB_0251 CertUserValidationFailed Certificate user validation is unsuccessful No
EB_0252 CertVersionValidationFailed Certificate version validation is unsuccessful No
EB_0253 X509ComponentVerificationFailed X509 component doesn't exist No
EB_0254 PostBPVerificationFailed Post Business Process doesn't exist No
EB_0255 CertUpdateFailed Certificate update is unsuccessful No
EB_0256 CertIsRevoked Certificate is revoked Yes