Editing an HAC Schedule

To edit HAC schedules in Sterling B2B Integrator, use HAC Scheduling in the EBICS Client Administration menu.

Restriction: Only a Sterling B2B Integrator user with administrative permissions can edit HAC schedules.

To edit an HAC schedule:

  1. Log in to Sterling B2B Integrator EBICS Client.
  2. From the Administration menu, select HAC Scheduling.
  3. In the HAC Schedule Configuration page, using either Search or List, locate and select the HAC schedule you want to edit, and click GO.
  4. Click the update icon adjacent to the HAC schedule you want to edit.
  5. In the Update: HAC schedule information page, specify the values for the fields according to the instructions in the following table:
    Field Description
    Bank ID(Host ID) Displays the Bank ID. Cannot be edited.
    Partner ID Displays the Partner ID. Cannot be edited.
    User ID From the drop-down list, select the ID of the user.
    Restriction: There must be at least one user ID per partner ID, that is in state "Ready" and has permissions to submit orders of type HAC.
    Security medium Enter the security medium.
    Request interval From the drop-down list, select the interval for submitting HAC requests:
    • disabled
    • every 5 minutes
    • every 15 minutes
    • every 30 minutes
    • every hour
    • every 3 hours
    • every 6 hours
    • every 12 hours
    • every day
    • every 2 days

    This determines how often a new HAC order is submitted for the partner name to the bank ID with the user ID to collect order processing history data.

    Each HAC report contains all new order activities since the last HAC request results were issued.

    Purge expiry From the drop-down list, select when the collected HAC report data should expire:
    • never
    • after a day
    • after 2 days
    • after a week
    • after 2 weeks
    • after a month

    Expired HAC data records are automatically purged from the database during the next execution of the auto-purge process. The frequency of auto-purge execution is controlled by the HAC purge interval (in minutes) setting in the EBICS Client system properties. For information about the system properties, see Updating System Property Values.

    Important: If you select never, the HAC data records will never expire, and therefore will never be automatically purged from the database. Records will accumulate in the database indefinitely unless they are manually removed from the database tables when no longer needed.

    This selection applies only to HAC data collected in the future. Changing this value does not affect HAC data records already stored in the database. The change only affects data collected and stored after the new value is assigned. Existing data records will retain the value that was assigned at the time they were collected and stored in the database.

  6. Click Finish: