Preparing for PDF Format Reports in Double-Byte Character Set (DBCS) Languages

Reports in PDF format require that you install additional iText libraries to support the correct encoding of double-byte character set (DBCS) languages. Otherwise, the double-byte characters in generated PDF reports may be missing or illegible. HTML and XLS formats display correctly in Asian languages and do not require installing the libraries.

If you are viewing PDF reports that contain Chinese, Japanese, or Korean (double-byte) characters, and the characters are either blank or are missing information, perform the following steps:

  1. Add the following files from the iText library to the classpath of Sterling B2B Integrator:
    • iTextAsian.jar
    • iTextAsianCmaps.jar
    Download the listed files from:
  2. Add the downloaded jars from step 1 to the classpath of your application. Run the below commands, where install_dir is the install path and download_dir is the path where the files were downloaded in step 1.
    install_dir/bin/ jasperreports 1_2_0 -j download_dir/iTextAsian.jar
    install_dir/bin/ jasperreports 1_2_0 -j download_dir/iTextAsianCmaps.jar
  3. Direct your users to download and install the Adobe Reader Asian font pack from the Adobe web site.
  4. In addition to installing the jar files for the Asian font pack, you need to direct your users to modify the file (install_dir/properties/, because only one DBCS language will work at a time.