EBICS Client Overview

The Sterling B2B Integrator EBICS Client is a client server application. It provides an end-to-end EBICS solution for an organization to transact with banks.

Using EBICS Client, a partner or partner user can configure and manage multiple banks, partners, and users. Multiple users can interact with multiple banks (EBICS Banking Servers) over HTTP or HTTPS and exchange EBICS-compliant transaction messages.

Partners can perform the following tasks in the EBICS Client dashboard interface:
  • Configure users
  • Configure banks
  • Configure security settings for users
  • Verify security settings of a bank
  • Create and manage file formats
  • Create and manage BTF Services
  • Create and manage user permissions
  • Create and manage offers
  • Configure orders
  • Submit orders
  • View order-related events and reports
  • Search for orders pending at the VEU management store in the server
  • View and monitor pending tasks

EBICS Client supports EBICS Specification V2.5 for both French and German client implementations.