Search and Delete a Web Resource

After a Web resource is checked in, you can search and delete the Web resource from the database. Before you delete a Web resource, check it out of Sterling B2B Integrator and save a copy in another location for future reference.

About this task

To search for a Web resource:


  1. From the Deployment menu, select Web Extensions > Web Resources.
  2. On The Web Resources page, complete one of the following actions:
    • Under Search, next to Resource Name, enter either a portion of the name or the entire name of the Web resource you are searching for, and click Go! The Web Resource Management page opens, listing all the Web resources containing the full or partial name you entered.
    • Under List, next to Alphabetically drop-down list, select ALL or the letter that begins with the name of the Web resource you are searching for. Selecting ALL lists all of the Web resources that are checked in. Click Go! The Web Resource Management page opens, listing all of the Web resources that match your search criteria.
    • Under List, next to by Resource Type drop-down list, select the type of the Web Resource that you are searching for. You can select only one type from the list at a time. The following table describes the Web resource types:

      Web Resource Type



      Java Server Page with the file extension .jsp.


      Java scripts with the file extension .js.


      HTML documents with the file extension .htm or .HTML.


      XML documents with the file extension .xml.


      Cascading style sheets with the file extension .css.


      Property files, such as XML Resource bundles, with the file extension .xrb, or property files with the file extension .xml.


      Graphic files used in Web pages with the file extensions .gif, .jpg, or .jpeg.


      All other files that do not fit any of the types listed in this table. File extensions can include .doc for a document file, .txt for text file, .bp for a business process and so forth. Almost any file extension can be included in this Web resource type.

  3. On the Web Resource Management page, click source manager next to the Web resource you want to delete.
  4. On the Web Resource Source Manager page, select delete check box next to the Web resource you want to delete from the Sterling B2B Integrator database.
  5. Next to Delete Selected Versions, click Go!
    Note: You can also delete all versions of the Web resource by clicking Go! next to Delete All Versions.
  6. When prompted with the following message, click OK.
    Are you sure you want to delete the selected versions?
  7. On the Delete Resources page, review the information about the Web resource and click Next.
  8. On the Confirm page, the following message is displayed:
    Deleting this resource may cause processes to fail. This action cannot be reversed!
    Click Delete to delete the Web resource.
    The Web resource is deleted from the database.