User Configuration and Initialization

Configuring an existing Sterling B2B Integrator user as an EBICS Client user is the first step towards transacting with the bank.

This includes specifying values for attributes, such as, user type, certificate type, and so on. Three types of users can be configured on EBICS Client;

  • EBICS Client Admin
  • EBICS Client Operator
  • EBICS Client User

Another user type, technical user can also be configured. EBICS Client supports X.509 and RSA Keys standards to define digital certificates. User configuration attributes vary based on the user type and certificate type. Configuring Certificate and key related information is not required for an EBICS Client admin or EBICS Client operator. For more information about user types, see Managing Profiles for Users.

There are three order types used for user initialization: H3K, INI, and HIA. H3K is the simplest and transmits all three public certificates at the same time. However, H3K cannot be used in all cases, such as if trusted keys are used or with protocol version H003. If you cannot, or prefer not to, use H3K, you can use INI and HIA together to transmit the public certificates. For more information about user initialization, see Initializing a User in the EBICS Client User documentation.