Guidelines for IPv6 addresses

The use of IPv6 addresses in an installation of Sterling B2B Integrator requires certain guidelines.

Important: Sterling B2B Integrator does not support IPv6 installation on Windows.

Consider the following IPv6 address information when you plan the installation:

  • If you use an IPv6 address, use a fully qualified address that includes square brackets around the address, and a zero (0) between colons where there are no other numbers. For example, use [fe80:0:0:0:213:72ff:fe3c:21bf] instead of fe80::213:72ff:fe3c:21bf.
  • If you are installing with an IPv6 address, comment out the host name mapping to the IPv4 address and retain the mapping to the IPv6 address in the host file in the /etc/sysconfig/networking/profiles/default/hosts directory.
  • You must install with a host name, not an IPv6 address, otherwise the Lightweight JDBC adapter and Graphical Process Modeler (GPM) do not work.
  • If you are using an Oracle database, do not use an IPv6 address for the host name.
  • If you are using an IPv6 address and are going to configure Sterling B2B Integrator as a dual stack host, after you complete the installation, you need to add the IPv6 address (as the admin_host.3 property) to the noapp.properties_platform_ifcresources_ext .in file.