Monitoring External Purge for a Certified Container installation

You can monitor the external purge through Database Usage, Lock Manager, and the log files in the externally mapped logs volume folder (in case logs are mapped to a volume) or console logs on the purge job pod, if .Values.logs.enableAppLogOnConsole is enabled in values.yaml, which further may be redirected to the platform logging service.

About this task

After the external purge job has started or stopped, you can monitor the operation using the following tools:

  • Log files in <mapped volume folder>/logs/extPurge ( and <mapped volume folder>/logs/extPurge/PURGE (extpurge.log.*).
  • Database Usage report:
    1. Click Operations > System > Troubleshooter.
    2. Click the Database Usage link on the System Troubleshooting page.
  • Lock Manager page:
    1. Click Operations > Lock Manager.
    2. Search for the purge process.