The ExpiredMessagePurgeJob is run automatically to delete messages that are expired. Messages expire based on extraction rules that are set in the Admin Console.

Extraction criteria

The extraction criteria can be of the following three types:

  • Date based: Extract messages until a particular date or from a particular date
  • Count based: Extract messages a particular number of times
  • Extract indefinitely: No criteria set

When any of the criteria is met, the validity of the message is crossed and the message is said to be expired. The expired messages are still visible from the Admin Console, but cannot be extracted. The time for which the messages are visible is called the time-to-live period. The default time-to-live period is 30 days. The file is deleted only after the time-to-live period after the expiry date is reached.

An expired file becomes available again if the extraction criteria for the expired file is modified in one of the following ways:

  • Extraction count is increased
  • Expiration date is changed to a future date
  • Extraction criteria is changed between date-based and count-based
  • Extraction criteria is changed to be extracted indefinitely

The file is not purged till it expires again and the time-to-live period after expiry is crossed.

Configurable time-to-live period

The time-to-live period is set in the com.ibm.mailbox.message.expired.ttl property in the global.properties file. The default value is 30 days. Administrators can modify the value for the time-to-live period.