Disabling External Purge for a Certified Container installation

You can disable external purge by removing the locks that are created by the external purge and enable the default purge process.

About this task


  1. Stop external purge. For more information, see Stopping External Purge for a Certified Container installation.
  2. Perform one of the following:
    • Set .Values.purge.enabled to false and run the helm upgrade command as below:
      helm upgrade -f my_values.yaml <helm release name> <helm charts path>
    • Delete the job using OpenShift CLI or Kubectl CLI using the below commands:
      oc delete job <purge job name>
      kubectl delete job <purge job name>
  3. Remove the locks created by the external purge. Click Operations > System > Lock Manager and remove the following locks:
    • hpp.Purge
  4. Re-enable the default purge process. Click Deployment > Schedules and select the Enabled checkbox for PurgeService.