Configure the Archive Log

To compile an archive log of business process data, configure the archive log.

About this task

The archive log provides details about business process instances, including errors encountered during archiving.

To configure the archive log settings:


  1. From the Administration Menu, select Operations > System > Logs.
  2. On the System Logs page, under Application Logs, click the icon next to Archive.
    The Archive: Log Settings pop-up window is displayed.
  3. On the Archive: Log Settings page, perform the following actions:
    1. Select the maximum number of lines the log can contain from the Roll Over Interval drop-down list. After attaining the maximum number of lines set, it rolls over to a new log.
    2. Select the On radio button to enable logging. Logging is disabled if you select Off radio button.
    3. Click Save. The Environment pop-up window closes and you are redirected to the user interface.