bin Directory Files Used by External Purge

You use a series of bin Directory files in the external purge.

Note: These files are specific to an IIM installation.
File Description

Starts and stops External Purge in UNIX and Linux.

Valid arguments:
  • start - Starts External Purge.
  • stop - Stops External Purge. Runs For debugging. Starts External Purge in UNIX, Linux, or Windows and displays its progress in a console window. To stop the process, use Ctrl + c.
InstallExternalPurgeWindowsService.cmd Installs External Purge in Windows. Run this command before running startExternalPurgeWindowsService.cmd.
startExternalPurgeWindowsService.cmd Starts External Purge in Windows. See description for
stopExternalPurgeWindowsService.cmd Stops External Purge in Windows.
uninstallExternalPurgeWindowsService.cmd Un-installs External Purge in Windows. Run this command after running stopExternalPurgeWindowsService.cmd.