Using Persistence Levels Appropriately

Associate appropriate persistence levels with the business process and each activity in the business process.

Do not use Full persistence unless your business needs require it, as this requires more system resources. Use the persistence level of None if your business process does not require data to be accessed further in the process, and you do not need detailed tracking information.

You may want to use Full persistence when you are testing your processing, to keep more information for troubleshooting scenarios. For example, if you have an outbound EDI business process that has an X12 Envelope activity, the business process data is translated into EDI and the envelope is applied to the message. When the envelope is applied, Sterling B2B Integrator creates a control number for the document. This control number is unique for each document. If you run this business process several times, each document receives a different control number, so you want to persist the enveloping activity in the business process. If the information called by business processes is static (never changing) in the database, you do not need to persist the selectInfo step in a business process, since you can call the same information from the database at any time.