Persistence Levels and Archive and Purge Settings

You can access more or less saved information about the processes you run, depending on the degree of persistence you set. The length of time that the persisted data is available to you depends on the lifespan of the defined process.

When your business processes run, Sterling B2B Integrator saves data according to the level of persistence you have set (see Business Process Levels). Remember that enabling document tracking overrides persistence settings related to documents.

In the same manner that you schedule initiation of business processes, you can schedule the intervals at which you want Sterling B2B Integrator to archive and purge the contents of the database. Configuring archiving and purging enables you to define the length of time, in days and hours, to retain the data persisted in Sterling B2B Integrator. Performance considerations may influence your options, as a great deal of data in the database can slow operations. For more information, see Business Process Life Span.