Monitor Business Process Deadline Events

IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator provides several ways to monitor business process deadline events.

You can:

  • Set up an event listener in your environment to get notifications.
  • Run offline notifications (e-mail or file), when Sterling B2B Integrator goes offline.
  • View events on the Operator Console (dashboard view). See the performance management documentation for more information on using the Operator Console.

In Sterling B2B Integrator, business process deadline events are generated if a business process does not reach the completed or terminated state before its deadline is reached. Business process states include:

  • Active (running or queued)
  • Waiting or Waiting on IO
  • Halted, interrupted_man, interrupted_auto
  • Terminated or Completed

The bpdeadline.log file has been added to the System Logs. You can access this log from the Operations > System > Logs > Workflow Deadline.