Index Service Status Report May Be Wrong

When the database cannot read the summary information of a business process, the status report of the Index service may be inaccurate.

The report lists all business process IDs, when only the summary information for one ID cannot be read. Review the report for the Index service for possible error indications. The following example shows a report that lists IDs where summary information could not be obtained:

Indexing following complete business process:
Can't get summary information for business process 
356 ,1357,1358,1359
376 ,1377,1378,1379
396 ,1397,1398,1399
Indexing following terminated business process:
Total number of Business Processes successfully indexed:62

Only business process 1304 had an error for summary information. The remaining business process instances were successfully indexed. When viewing the summary information, disregard all IDs listed after the first. Only the first ID reflects an error condition.