Document Storage Considerations

Document storage settings determine the storage location you want for documents that process when the business process runs.

The levels are:

  • Database – Store documents in the database. Use this option for small documents or when clustering without a clustered file system.
  • File System – Store documents in the file system. Use this option for large volume processing, such as documents that are over 10 MB in size, or when working with a large number of documents within a single business process (including any sub-processes it invokes).
    Note: If you are using archiving, and you using the file system document storage method, you must handle purging the documents from your file system manually.
  • System Default – Use the default option configured in the file. As shipped, the database is the system default. You may have modified this to use the file system.
  • Inherited – Store documents according to the document storage setting applied to the service that is invoking this business process. Use this option when the process is invoked by a bootstrap adapter and you want the document storage method to carry from the invoking adapter to the process.
  • This option enables you to configure the process model to use the same document storage method as the bootstrap adapter that will invoke the process.

For additional information about the processing options you can select when you check in a business process, see Business Process Model Processing Options.

When you have completed Stage 7, you may benefit by filling out the Planning Worksheet for your business process model. The worksheet is a form you can use to note conceptual and technical details about a process model and refer to it during the actual modeling of your process.