Business Process Monitoring

IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator provides a variety of ways to monitor processing activity at the business process level, enabling you to ascertain whether your transactions are happening expeditiously, pinpoint and troubleshoot slow or halted processes, and research and correct errors that led to unexpected results.

You can troubleshoot using system-generated log files, monitor processing in real-time using several different monitors in the interface, and use reports to gather information of a specific type. Convenient interface components indicate status and state conditions, allow you to monitor business process queue usage, and provide an overview snapshot of the state of all current processes.

For processes that stopped running, you must troubleshoot to identify the cause, reconcile the issue or error, and determine whether to restart, resume, or terminate the instance. You can also expedite active processes that are taking too long by changing their queue priority, for quicker processing. When used in combination, status information, advanced status and state messages, and reports can help to determine:

  • Issues resulting while a process runs
  • Errors or warnings that prevent a process from completing successfully
  • Actions you can take to reconcile problems

In addition, Sterling B2B Integrator has a built-in system recovery business process that runs automatically every 45 minutes. The recovery business process monitors active business processes and reports any processes lost due to a system crash.