Business Process Model Components

When you create business process models, you link Sterling B2B Integrator components needed to carry out the required tasks for your business objective, creating a graphical representation. All components are represented by icons in the Graphical Process Modeler.

The following list describes components used in business process modeling:

A component you can configure in a business process to carry out an activity. The Translation service, for example, performs data translation within a business process.

An adapter is a type of service that communicates with external systems to move data in and out of Sterling B2B Integrator. For example, you can use the File System adapter as part of a business process to collect files.

See Service, above.
BPML activity
Performs a BPML function. BPML activities enable a business process to perform an operation (such as invoking a service), providing control of the flow of data through a business process.

Think of BPML activities as instructions built into a process. The BPML activity called the Choice activity, for instance, allows you direct the flow of data in a process into different activities according to the result of a decision. For example, you can create a decision point that routes high-volume invoices to a manager while passing smaller invoices on for immediate processing.